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This facility is very useful for working people. Tremendous time & cost saving facility. I was amazed when I had completed my registration. Govt. really created wonderful Facility.

Sandeep Karkikar
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Tremendous Response!

I have taken service from Leave license and got a very good and tremendous response from them. Thanks for your quick reply and support.

- Ajit Jaiswal
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We are very much happy and pleased with your services. This saved our time as well as money. Thanks.

- Mahesh Honap
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Great Experience!

It was a great experience. Everything was done very smoothly and professionally.

- Ajay K Sinha
- GM, RBI, Ahmedabad
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Very Good!

Very good and time saving service to get registered document online. Thanks to Government and leavelicense.com team.

- Atul Uplenchwar
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Extremely Happy!

Extremely happy with your services. Keep it up.

- Advocate Veena C. Kori
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Fantastic, prompt, easy without any hurdles.

- Vijay M. Jagtap
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I am satisfied & happy with service given by leavelicense.com team.
Keep it up. All the best.

- Dr. Santosh Gursale
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Superb Experience!

Superb experience with highest level of ease & professionalism from LeaveLicense.Com at its best!!

Completing rent agreement at your own convenient time, at your place while sipping a cup of tea with someone who would take care of your home is not just a dream anymore it’s here in real. Thanks to the government and leavelicense.com offering it to everyone.

Anyone with super ease and high level of confidence can get this agreement done with support from this team. One of the most professional services I have received in last 2 decades. Apart from follow up from team and end to end closure of Leave and License Agreement. Best part is the personal connect from team managers. The best so far.

I can strong suggest going through it rather than just reading and thinking about it. WOW would be an understatement for leavelicense.com.

- Gaurav Bhargava
- A.V.P Training, WNS Global Services
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Your service was prompt and very good. The timings were followed properly as decided.

- Rajesh Choudhari
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Instant Service!

Thanks for your cooperation and instant service in minimum cost, and its very good you care about customers experience and response.

- Rajesh Vitanarkar
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This was my first experience with online agreement. I am pleasantly surprised with the patient, prompt and professional service provided by your entire team. Don't think I am going back to registrar's office for any of my rental agreements ever again!

- Ranjan Vishwarupe
- Director - Product Development, Harman Connected Services
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Swift Process!

Thank You for the Swift process and helping us to do things comfortably at our ease. This shows the power of technology in modern days. Time is Money and you guys helped us save the same.

- Harshvardhan Singh Bhati
- Business Development Executive, Design Lab
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Very Prompt!

I really appreciate and would like to say something, "Your service is very prompt and hassle free. Most important thing is, you people work on weekends and we need not to go anywhere, everything happened by sitting at home.

- Sadashiv Deshmukh
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Most Economical!

I am quite happy with the service provided by leavelicense.Com which really saves our precious time instead of waiting in Haveli for half a day at least. It is also most economical means of getting registration done at your own convenient time as all feeding and verification can be done at your doorstep irrespective of holidays and time of day. I hope this service and economical balance is maintained throughout which will encourage more and more people to opt for this system, due to mouth to mouth publicity of customers like me who are satisfied. Thanks for this initiative and wish you all the very best.

- Dhanraj Agarwal

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